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Happy Healthy Media is an online media group that partners with successful influencers to market products, businesses, and individual accounts.

Micro Frenchies

Instagram: @microfrenchies
Following: 1.3M
Audience: 60% Female/40% Male, Dog Lovers, Frenchie Lovers, & Pet Owners

Liberato Stilè

Instagram: @liberatostile
Following: 137k
Audience: 88% Female, 12% Men, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Modeling

Love a Bully

Instagram: @love.a.bully
Following: 361k
Audience: 67% Female/33% Male, Dog Lovers, Frenchie Lovers, & Pet Owners

Who we are

We are a media group based out of Las Vegas. Our primary focus is to help brands, influencers, and content creators reach a high converting audience. Combined, our partners have over two million highly active and engaging followers.

Pricing packages for any budget

Happy Healthy Media is connected to a network of influencers. This access allows us to offer features on the pages of our network. An instant boost of authority & customers for your brand.

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