Platinum Package


  • Post: 4 pieces of content across 3 accounts
  • Story: 4 pieces of content across 3 accounts
  • Time Period: 4 weeks
  • 24 Total Posts
What You Get

When you purchase the Platinum Package, you are reserving 4 spots on the Instagram Feeds and Stories on all three of our massive Frenchie focused Instagram accounts. That’s a total of 24 posts! Your Frenchie profile will get seen by almost 2 million loyal French Bulldog fans!

How it Works
  1. Simply select which account you would like to be featured on.
  2. Click ‘Buy Now’ (Don’t worry, you won’t be charged yet!)
  3. On the next page, you will be able to: Tell us your Instagram account, Write your caption, and Upload your photo or video.
  4. Simply follow the above steps, and enter your billing information
  5. Complete your purchase!

Once your purchase is complete, we will let you know around what day and time you can expect to see your post. If we feel that your post is not up to our content quality standards, no biggy, we will simply reach back out and work on finding the best photo or video to get you the best result for your account!

  • Absolutely no breeders.
  • Absolutely no inappropriate or adult content.
  • We (Happy Healthy Media) have the right to review and/or refund any content we deem inappropriate or not up to our content quality standards.
  • If you are a brand and want your product featured, you can find our brand pricing here.